Rather Than Hit the Road, He Hits the Trails

17 Sep Rather Than Hit the Road, He Hits the Trails

Here’s a good read from the Wall Street Journal about the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Andy Wirth’s, love of Trail Running – Rather Than Hit the Road, He Hits the Trails:


“Mr. Wirth runs five to six days a week, usually for 45 to 90 minutes. Often he finds routes that have steep climbs he must scramble up. He lives in Lahontan, a private gated community just outside of Truckee, Calif., and says he can run out of his backyard to a network of trails in the Martis Valley.

Strength training is designed to keep him nimble on the trails. To keep his body challenged, he mixes up the weight he lifts and the number of repetitions and sets.

“One day I might go on the bench and press a high weight for only a few repetitions, and then two days later I might do the same exercise but use a low weight and high repetitions,” he says.

Mr. Wirth performs a lot of exercises on a Bosu ball and a stability ball, to help improve core strength and balance. He uses a Bosu ball to perform upright and vertical dumbbell flies, dumbbell curls and one-legged squats. He uses the stability ball primarily for core and ab-focused work.

In the winter, he skis and snowboards as much as possible. For cardio, he skate-skis along a 12-mile path or he snowshoes with his wife and dog.”

The article goes on to talk about his diet  and running gear; continue reading.

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