Ski Town Entrepreneurs Make The Clothes You Need

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13 Mar Ski Town Entrepreneurs Make The Clothes You Need

Here’s an excerpt from a recent article in Forbes written by Allison Olmsted about 9 apparel brands that were born in America’s most iconic mountain towns.  We are most grateful and honored to be amongst the companies mentioned in this article.

“They came for the snow – and stayed. Or they were born there. However they made their way to a ski town, the folks who live there tend to be passionate about the sporting mountain lifestyle and the gear that best lets them enjoy the mountains to their fullest. They learn firsthand what materials and new technologies are best through experience, and invent products to fill voids – after all, they say necessity is the mother of invention, so when ski town residents need something to better enjoy their sports, they make it. In several cases this has led to start-up companies that share their insider knowledge with the rest of us, and as a bonus, these labels often have unique cache, rugged authenticity and a cool style factor that sets them apart from the cookie cutter big brands, reflecting the fantastic mountain towns that inspired them.”

Jagged Edge Mountain Gear, Telluride, Colorado

“The company was started more than 20 years ago by twin sisters who sold handmade headbands on the street in Telluride. The company grew, changed focus and changed hands, but the brand is once again owned by the family that first bought the business  from the founders. Jagged Edge now makes soft shell jackets, hats, neck gaiters and backpacks right in Colorado.”

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