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Sustainable Practices



We have a passion for the outdoors and also make our living off of it. Therefore we make it a priority to do everything we can to take care of our natural environment. From everyday routines to larger projects, our environment, and more importantly our impact, is always high on the list. We have multiple programs in place that aim to reduce our impact and preserve the environment that makes our business possible.

solar energy


Jagged Edge is proud to have installed 14 3’ x 5’ photovoltaic panels on the roof of our retail location during the summer of 2007. We are the first business in the Town of Telluride to take such a step towards sustainable energy. These panels enable us to produce a significant amount of power that we use to power most of the daily activities at the store. We even got to install a neat new power meter that will actually spin backwards should we produce more power than we use! Of course this took an investment on the front end of the project, but the amount we save monthly on our power bill will slowly pay back that cost, and continue to produce power and save us money years after we have broken even.

Wind energy


Although the photovoltaic array on our roof produces lots of energy, we still need to draw power from the local grid. As most of the power in Western Colorado comes from burning fossil fuels, we looked for alternative ways to offset our usage. Prana, one of our vendors, approached us about joining their Natural Power Initiative Wind Program. This program supports renewable energy through a commitment to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in an amount equivalent to the energy our store uses. RECs provide financial incentive for natural energy providers to expand and develop future projects, helping to insure green energy is supplied to the broader power grid. We’ve been part of Prana’s Natural Power Initiative Wind Program since its inception in 2006.