Telluride Mountain Run: Ricky Denesik to the Rescue!

08 Mar Telluride Mountain Run: Ricky Denesik to the Rescue!

Telluride-Mountain-RunHere’s a segment from a post in about the trials and tribulations of the Telluride Mountain Run planned for this summer.  Telluride local Ricky Denesik has been instrumental in  helping to ensure that this race will be a great success.

“A lot has happened in the world of the Telluride Mountain Run.

Organizing a race is a learning experience. The lessons are many: how to work with people, how to approach businesses, how to negotiate with land agencies and how to design a course and event that will make the most sense for the most people. We have by no means figured everything out yet, but we are much farther along the path than when the last newsletter was published, and we want to fill everyone in on the events that have transpired behind the scenes since then.

I’ll start from the beginning. The Telluride Mountain Run is a brand new ultramarathon in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado. The start and finish are in Telluride and the course runs in a big loop through the surrounding mountains. The trails are difficult and sometimes nonexistent, the mountains are big and the elevation is very high, meaning T-rad will be exceptionally challenging to all who enter. The course has changed several times in the planning process, mostly due to the whims of the land-management agencies, although once due to a newly discovered route. The course was originally forty-five miles, then was extended to fifty-five miles. The long course would include the nearby town of Silverton – home of the Hardrock 100 – and would feature more than 20,000 feet of elevation gain. In short, it would be the best course of all time.”

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