What Makes Jagged Edge Mountain Gear Special

21 Nov What Makes Jagged Edge Mountain Gear Special

When Jagged Edge last manufactured product in the early 2000s, it had succumbed to the industry norm of depending on a remote supply chain based mostly in Asia.

In fact today, as noted by industry expert and alpinist Kurt Gray, “except for a hand-full of exceptions (including Jagged Edge) most outdoor gear is made their products on the other side of the planet.”

Jagged Edge Gear ManufacturingThis manufacturing model is not what Jagged Edge owner and mountain enthusiast Erik Dalton had in mind for his new product line.  As someone who has a deep love for the environment and sustainable practices, it was a fortuitous meeting when Erik was introduced by a former Jagged Edge employee to Kurt Gray.

Both Erik and Kurt are committed to making products in the U.S. where as Kurt notes, “production cycles are shortened, environmental laws are followed, labor dollars stay close to home, there’s less waste and glut and ultimately, it consumes a much smaller carbon footprint…it’s better for everyone; ourselves, our local communities and the planet.”

Currently, Kurt manages all of Jagged Edge’s manufacturing with a small team in a shop in Broomfield,  Colorado.  With access to operators, technicians and various supply chain necessities for sewn goods manufacturing, this shop in the Boulder-Denver corridor is in an ideal location.  Moving forward, both Kurt and Erik are looking to grow this space into a full service design and production facility that can serve both an expanded Jagged Edge product line as well as other home-grown companies looking for production space.

But there’s more to the Jagged Edge “Made in U.S.A.” strategy. Not only are they manufacturing products themselves right here in Colorado, Jagged Edge Gear Manufacturing they are producing products in small-batches with almost exclusively made in America fabrics and materials; including Polartec, Brookwood, Ideal and Dimension Polyant.  The exception is Swiss-made Schoeller Dynamic used in outerwear.  The products are to consumers online and in person at the Jagged Edge Mountain Gear store in Telluride. Colorado.

Being at the forefront of the American resurgence in small-batch local manufacturing (similar to what has happened with the micro-beer industry) and selling direct to consumers allows Jagged Edge to offer the very best technical apparel, made with the best materials, at a competitive price.

As Kurt Gray puts it, “Jagged Edge as an outdoor specialty retailer is “the real deal” and unique in the industry. It sources the hard to find, best specialty products globally while sewing what it can locally.  The shop presents an array of familiar and trusted names from across the technical outdoor market as well as the shop’s own “Made in the U.S.A.” apparel in an even-handed way.  There’s no guilt, no judgement, no David vs. Goliath story.  You’re free to choose how your dollars will work for you and then make a buying decision within a win-win retail environment.”

Jagged Edge Mountain Gear JacketsAlthough our Jagged Edge offerings are currently limited, there has been recognition.  Two designs were selected to compete for the APEX Award, an innovation-based award given out by Polartec. There are plans to expand the line, creating additional technical and unique products featuring some of the best fabrics and materials on the planet, all made as close to Colorado as possible.

We hope you’ll visit our website often and spend some time looking at the offerings in our online store.  We’re very proud of what we are doing and believe that equipment you buy from us will be cherished long into the future.

Of course when you are in Telluride, come by and visit us at our store at 223 E. Colorado Ave (Main Street).  We’d love to meet you in person.

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