What’s in Your Pack: Erik Dalton, Owner, Jagged Edge Mountain Gear

What's in Your Pack - Erik Dalton Backcountry Ski Pack

02 Mar What’s in Your Pack: Erik Dalton, Owner, Jagged Edge Mountain Gear

I go backcountry skiing at least a few mornings every week throughout the winter, so this pack and accompanying gear see a lot of use.  Everything included in my backpack I carry every time I go into the backcountry.  All this gear can be found at Jagged Edge Mountain Gear. Not mentioned is an avalanche beacon, which I am always wearing! 

Erik Dalton With Backcountry Ski PackOsprey Kode 30 Backpack – has served me well for 5 years

G3 Speed Tech Probe – light and easy probe to assemble 

Ortovox Pro Alu Shovel – lightweight awesome shovel

G3 Bone Saw – for snow pits/tests and for emergency firewood!

Dynafit Ski Crampons – for icy skin tracks 

Dynafit Touring Repair Kit – parts and pieces in case something breaks

Swix Powder Baskets– extra if needed

Swix F4 Glide Wax – for changing snow conditions

Body Glide– for blisters or foot care

Kohla Skin Wax – for sticky skins and changing snow conditions

Brooks Range 10X Magnifying Loop – for snow science

Brooks Range 1M ruler – for snow pits and snow layer depth

Adventure Medical 0.3 Kit – for bumps and bruises

AIARE Blue Book – for snow science recording and reference

Topo Map of Telluride – because you should always have a map!!

Voile Straps – many and multiple sizes, to fix anything that might break!

Pomona Climbing Skins – to go uphill!

Ibex Woolies 150 Base Layer – I always carry a dry layer to put on Whats in Your Pack - Backcountry Skiing - Erik Dalton

Jagged Edge Powerwool Hoody – an extra mid layer to wear while skiing

Water Bottle – because hydration is key!

BCA Link Radio – for communication with ski partners in the backcountry

Dynafit Ski Leashes – just in case needed


Energy gels and Probar Chews – for quick calories

Leatherman Multitool – for binding adjustments, repairs, slicing cheese…

Sweet Protection Gore Tex Shell Jacket – for foul weather

Hestra Wakayama Glove – warm gloves for the ski down 

Hat, Goggles, Buff – for the ski down 

Bluetooth Headphones – for the skin track up!

Siege the Dog – although not carried in my pack, she accompanies me on every ski mission throughout the winter!

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